8 reasons why you should have a photobook from your wedding 

  1. Fotobook is the most beautiful reminder of a wedding for years. You will be returning to it in evenings. There is no better documentation of a wedding than a photobook.

  2. The wedding costs a lot of money – it is known. Wedding venue, dresses and suits, details, decorations, food… It is worth to be expose in a best possible way.

  3. A family or friends who will come around will surely want to see how your wedding looked. You will show them the book.

  4. Becasue I order a photobook in Poland and I have discounts for photographers the price is almost halfly lower than if you would like to do it yourself in Netherlands/Belgum.

  5. Photobook is much more comfortable than printed, loose photos. Everything is in order and we only turn the page. In addition, you can add subtitles and descriptions.

  6. If you are thinking to make a photobook yourself.. Later.. Eh.. Most likely it’s not gonna happend. Why? Becasue other things will be more important and who will do it better and faster than a professional?

  7. If you prefer pictures on a pendrive that is fine. You will get one with a nice box. J However, you will look at them 2-3 times after the wedding and then the pendrive will go on the shelf. We just prefer to feel the paper in our hands and turn over the pages – this is our nature.

  8. Which photobook to choose? 40 pages, 64 or maybe 88? It depends how big your wedding was and how many photos you want to have there. Pictures like “space”, sometimes they need to occupy an entire card to fully display themselfs. In most cases I recommend 64 pages.

Photobook Lux in a frame with eco-leather or fabric

Photobook in rainbow colors in a leather or textile cover. There is a huge selection of cover colors for you and a 100% personalized interior – the heart of a photo book!

Photo format A4  (20 x 30 cm).

Photobook STANDARD – 40 pages – 249, -E

Photobook  EXPANDED – 64 pages – 349, -E (recommended)

Photobook MAX – 88 pages – 449, -E